Cause and Effect Essay

An assignment for Mastering the Five-Paragraph class

            Noise pollution is an increasingly detrimental problem that has many effects on one’s life. Noise pollution has many effects on human health, human activities, and wildlife.

            Noise pollution can cause devastating effects on human health, including health conditions like hypertension and high stress levels. In addition, tinnitus and hearing loss are also caused by noise pollution, and noise-induced hearing loss can occur when sound levels are, according to the National Institutes of Health, “above 85 A-weighted decibels.” In addition, noise pollution is linked to quicker cognitive decline.

            Unwanted sound can interfere with daily human activities like conversations and sleep. One of the most common job-related ailments in the world is occupational hearing loss. People on the autistic spectrum can have negative effects that are caused by noise pollution. People who have ASD can have hyperacusis, which is an atypical sensitivity to noise. A person who has hyperacusis may experience fear and anxiety while in loud places.

            Wildlife is also affected by noise pollution. Noise pollution can increase the chance of death because it makes it harder to catch prey and avoid predators because a rabbit, for example, would have a hard time hearing a fox sneak up on them, and vice versa. Even aquatic environments are affected by noise pollution from human activities like incoming cargo ships’ loud engines. Underwater animals that communicate with sound, like whales, will have trouble communicating because of the loud sounds. Invertebrates such as crabs can also be troubled by noisy boats.

            In conclusion, noise pollution can have negative effects on the lives of all beings here on our planet. Whether it is affecting a human’s health, human activities, or the animals that share our world, it is very good to reduce noise pollution whenever possible.


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