English Composition and Research

Grade: A 100%

For English Composition and Research, I developed my writing skills on
essays, descriptive writing, and research papers. I took two Outschool classes for this course. The first one was Mastering the Five Paragraph Essay. This one wasn’t as challenging as I wanted, so to enhance my knowledge of writing further, I decided to take another Outschool course. It was called College Preparation Writing for High School. The latter course was an excellent addition to my curriculum. I walked away from it feeling better prepared for college.

Here are some of the five-paragraph essays I did from the first course.

Five Paragraph Classification Essay:

A Personal Narrative About My First Concert:

Research Essay About the Meat, Dairy and Egg Industry:

Cause and Effect Essay:

As you can see, this isn’t quite the in-depth kind of writing that I enjoy
doing. You can understand why I took the additional Outschool course. Here are some of the assignments we did in this second course to prepare us for our final research paper:

A Paragraph About My Favorite Food:

A Descriptive Paragraph about the Big Island of Hawai’i:

Summaries of Sources:

Lastly, here is my final research paper that I look forward to using to create
an episode for my YouTube channel, Nix The Norm.

Annapolis: The Food, the Water, the Fun:

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