Grade: A 100% As in previous years, I utilized Khan Academy for the entirety of my Geometry course. I can't say enough great things about it! The most wonderful aspect of Khan Academy is that there simply is no such thing as not getting an A because it is a mastery-based curriculum. If you don't... Continue Reading →

English II

Grade: 99.57% A For English II, I used part of the Calvert curriculum and supplemented it with my own writing assignments to make it more demanding. I liked that Calvert allows me to, with my mother and advisor's approval, swap out certain reading and assignments for work that will challenge me more. I also like... Continue Reading →


Grade: A 99.45% My report card for Chemistry A and B For my Chemistry course, I used the Calvert curriculum supplemented heavily by additional readings and experiments. In my opinion, the Calvert curriculum focused far too much on calculations, rather than on the fun and fascination of chemistry. I utilized Brainfuse online tutoring which was... Continue Reading →

Japanese III

Grade: A 100% For my sophomore year of Japanese III, I used Rosetta Stone as my primary learning source. As in prior years, I continue to enjoy Rosetta Stone because it is an immersive style of learning. Also, I am able to access it for free via my local library. So, before purchasing Rosetta Stone... Continue Reading →

U.S. History

Grade: 99.43% I was excited when U.S. History came up in my list of required credits this year through my school, Clonlara School. History, to me, is something that we're a part of right now - an unfolding story where I actually play a role. So when I set out to master the topic with... Continue Reading →

Foundations of Personal Finance

Grade: 99.7% The great thing I'm learning right away about my new school, Clonlara School, is that I'm able to create classes as challenging as I can possibly handle. Take, for example, Foundations of Personal Finance. I took this class through Acellus Power Homeschool, an excellent resource for classes. But, even though I give the... Continue Reading →

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