Physical Education

Grade: A 100% The Physical Education course required through my accredited online school, Clonlara School, is based entirely on hours of activity. To get this year's one credit, I needed to do a total of 180 hours of physical fitness. To achieve the bulk of these hours, I used my treadmill, elliptical, and rowing machine... Continue Reading →

English Composition and Research

Grade: A 100% For English Composition and Research, I developed my writing skills onessays, descriptive writing, and research papers. I took two Outschool classes for this course. The first one was Mastering the Five Paragraph Essay. This one wasn't as challenging as I wanted, so to enhance my knowledge of writing further, I decided to... Continue Reading →


Grade: A 100% For this year's speech class, I planned to learn how to write a speech, perfect its presentation by practicing in front of multiple audiences, and then actually compete against others in speech tournaments. I was able to achieve this... with one tragic exception. COVID-19 came and all the spring speech torunaments including... Continue Reading →

Music – Performing Arts II

Grade: A 100% For my continuation of my music learning, I stretched my wings a little more. While I continued my School of Rock studies that I've highlighted in vlogs in previous years, I decided to also begin a homeschool choir. It was an hour-long class that met once a week. My School of Rock... Continue Reading →

Video Production I

As a homeschooler who actively seeks out challenges, I take some pretty amazing elective courses. One I enjoyed this year was Video Production. There were two aspects to my class and they were achieved concurrently. One was completing a Udemy course called The Complete Video Production Bootcamp. I loved this course because it's about a... Continue Reading →


            Art is everywhere. Art isn’t just found in paintings. It’s found in nature from the lush rainforests and towering waterfalls in Hawai'i to the dry and windy deserts in Africa. Even in psychology it's discovered deep inside the way we speak and the anatomy of our brains and that feeling of a sudden surge... Continue Reading →

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