Algebra II A + B

I kicked off the year of Algebra 2 using Khan Academy as I have in previous years for math. It was great up until the second semester when I learned that I would have to take the Accuplacer test in order to get into college level math while I am dual enrolled in college next year. Just to see how I was progressing using Khan Academy and to judge how well it was preparing me for the Accuplacer Test, I decided to take an Accuplacer prep test. At that point I decided to change my curriculum from Khan Academy even though I had successfully completed 59 percent of it.

Based on reviews, I chose despite the hefty price tag because it would enable me to complete Algebra 2 while also helping me review everything that I would need to succeed at the Accuplacer math tests.

Overall, I think it was an excellent decision. I miss having a clear percentage to show how much I have progressed, which I enjoyed with Khan Academy . But Mathhelp does a much better job of also reviewing things that I have learned in previous years. Unfortunately, it is harder to grade my efforts in Mathhelp, so I left my grade up to my mother – which is highly unusual for me – and she gave me an A.

THe real greade will be my Accuplacer test when I take it next year.

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