Physics A + B

For Physics A and B this year, I turned to the Calvert curriculum. Since it’s a topic I knew very little about, I felt more confident having a curriculum that would test me thoroughly.

While I was proud to receive an A based on my test scores, I was overall very disappointed in the curriculum. It relies heavily on memorization of formulas in order to succeed at the tests. But unfortunately, it didn’t adequately show me those formulas in action through labs and videos. I feel like I will forget most of this by next year which I think does not reflect well on the curriculum.

To supplement, I did do some physics experiments through the Ultimate Science curriculum and also watched the entire Physics Girl channel on YouTube which I highly recommend. Frankly, I feel like I will retain more from Physics GIrl than I did through the entire headache of the Calvert curriculum.

I received an A based on my test scores.

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