Twelfth Day of Puppy: A haiku by my puppy, translated by me

And here it is, the 12th day of puppy! My puppy’s first birthday! We marked it with a present, a new rope toy. We bought the same kind of rope toy for Christmas and it far exceeded what my furry girl ever could have possibly dreamed. And in case you’re wondering which one it is – here’s the link. The photos are of her first one which we got for her right after she got spayed – you can see the shaved area on her leg where her IV went in. My poor baby!

Happy birthday, my furry little sister! I love you sooooooo much!

And now for my twelfth and final haiku, written from my dog’s point-of-view:

Poet Pup: A haiku by my pup, translated by Shannon Germaine

Rope. Rope. Toss. Shake. Kill.

Mutilate. Gnaw. Smells like spit.

Chew rope. Life is good.








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