Easy Escape to Paradise

Do you feel like you are trapped at home this winter? Tired of shoveling snow, slipping on ice patches, and shielding yourself from slushy downpours with a too-small umbrella? Here’s an easy winter getaway for people on the East Coast that’s also easy on your wallet! You don’t have to take a plane to travel... Continue Reading →

Christmas wrapping tip!

Quick post today: Who says that wrapping presents isn't fun? My dog would disagree with you. Because I just discovered a useful tip for you to remember when you next run out of wrapping paper. Save the empty roll! Dogs love to play with them. My puppy is throughly addicted to it! My bundle of... Continue Reading →

The Genius of Rudolph: A Twelve-Year-Old’s Perspective

There’s a bloodbath this Christmas. At the center of the flock of vultures, the Christmas movie Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is being torn to shreds for being “sexist,” “homophobic,” “racist,” “offensive,” and all-around politically incorrect. I’m twelve. I’m likely closer to the Santa mythos than anyone reading this article. And I think it’s about time someone my... Continue Reading →

Second day of Puppy!

To mark the second day of my 12 days of Puppy countdown to my girl's first birthday, I give you another haiku: Furry Blurry: A haiku by Shannon Germaine Epic selfie fail Pups don't sit still for photos Giant mouth monster  

12 Days of Puppy!

To kick off my 12 day countdown to my puppy's first birthday, here's my Puppy Haiku of the Day: First snow:  A haiku by Shannon Germaine Puppy snapping snow Each snowflake a frosty meal Dives into the drift  

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