Japanese III

Grade: A 100% For my sophomore year of Japanese III, I used Rosetta Stone as my primary learning source. As in prior years, I continue to enjoy Rosetta Stone because it is an immersive style of learning. Also, I am able to access it for free via my local library. So, before purchasing Rosetta Stone... Continue Reading →

Hospitality and Tourism

Grade: A 99.33% I wish I could possibly express in a simple blog post just how much I enjoyed this class that is offered as an elective at Christa McAuliffe School of Arts and Sciences. It is an online course that is created by eDynamic Learning. As described in their CMASAS course catalog: "With greater... Continue Reading →

Seventh day of Puppy!

To mark the Seventh day of Puppy for my countdown to my puppy's first birthday, I might as well give you another haiku: Hidey-hole Pup: A haiku by Shannon Germaine My silly puppy Hide-and-seek in furniture Never liked her crate

Fifth day of Puppy!

To mark the Fifth day of Puppy as I count down to my puppy's first birthday, how about another haiku? 🙂 This photo was taken on my puppy's first night in our home. I slept with her on the floor so that she wouldn't miss her littermates and she would know that I was her new... Continue Reading →

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