Annapolis: The Food, the Water, the Fun!

College Preparation Writing for High School -- Semester I May 11, 2020 Are you looking for an awe-inspiring destination to add to your bucket list?  Look no further than the city of Annapolis, Maryland.  This capital city is a very popular travel destination well known for a multitude of activities and adventures.  Not surprisingly, Annapolis... Continue Reading →

Video Production I

As a homeschooler who actively seeks out challenges, I take some pretty amazing elective courses. One I enjoyed this year was Video Production. There were two aspects to my class and they were achieved concurrently. One was completing a Udemy course called The Complete Video Production Bootcamp. I loved this course because it's about a... Continue Reading →

Japanese III

Grade: A 100% For my sophomore year of Japanese III, I used Rosetta Stone as my primary learning source. As in prior years, I continue to enjoy Rosetta Stone because it is an immersive style of learning. Also, I am able to access it for free via my local library. So, before purchasing Rosetta Stone... Continue Reading →


            Art is everywhere. Art isn’t just found in paintings. It’s found in nature from the lush rainforests and towering waterfalls in Hawai'i to the dry and windy deserts in Africa. Even in psychology it's discovered deep inside the way we speak and the anatomy of our brains and that feeling of a sudden surge... Continue Reading →

Immerse Yourself in History… With a Book

            Ready to delve into a new world of edge-of-your-seat excitement and thrilling adventures? Would you believe that you can learn history at the same time?             Reading historical fiction is a great was to fuse fun and learning. When you read a book like Girl in The Blue Coat by Monica Hesse, a story... Continue Reading →

Cause and Effect Essay

An assignment for Mastering the Five-Paragraph class             Noise pollution is an increasingly detrimental problem that has many effects on one’s life. Noise pollution has many effects on human health, human activities, and wildlife.             Noise pollution can cause devastating effects on human health, including health conditions like hypertension and high stress levels. In addition,... Continue Reading →

A Personal Narrative About My First Concert

An assignment for Mastering the Five-Paragraph Essay class             Last summer, I joined a School of Rock band. I’ve always loved performing. It was my second band, and I was really excited for it. I’ve had many concerts with my first band, so I was extremely eager for more performances. No one else wanted to... Continue Reading →

Five Paragraph Classification Essay

An assignment for Mastering the Five Paragraph Essay class A conscience can be a depressing thing at the dinner table. But there are three types of cruelty-reducing lifestyles which help reduce animal suffering and will alleviate that pesky inner voice. The first is the pescatarian lifestyle which omits all meat except for fish and other... Continue Reading →

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