A paragraph about my favorite food

Macaroni and cheese, a delectable crowd-pleaser, has claimed the spot at the top of my favorites list. This easy-to-make dish does not require many ingredients or time-consuming preparation. I also enjoy adding toppings to it, including breadcrumbs, various seasonings, or even fried tofu. Being a well-known classic food that is popular in many restaurants around... Continue Reading →

Week 2 Summaries Worksheet

1.     Read the following short academic text and write a summary of what you have read in 1-2 paragraphs. Be sure to address the main points of the article and do not try to discuss every sentence of the text! You can write your summary on the blank page below. Pablo Picasso was... Continue Reading →

Summaries of sources

Americans as Concerned as Ever About Global Warming: Secondary Source Summary: The Gallup news article “Americans as Concerned as Ever About Global Warming” discusses how Americans' views on global warming have changed throughout the years. The article states that viewpoints on global warming stayed about the same in 2017 and 2018, and that ⅔ of... Continue Reading →

Annapolis: The Food, the Water, the Fun!

College Preparation Writing for High School -- Semester I May 11, 2020 Are you looking for an awe-inspiring destination to add to your bucket list?  Look no further than the city of Annapolis, Maryland.  This capital city is a very popular travel destination well known for a multitude of activities and adventures.  Not surprisingly, Annapolis... Continue Reading →

Candy Canes in the Caribbean

It’s the holidays! Is a “white Christmas” not your idea of a good time? Does pulling on boots and shoveling snow deplete your holiday spirit? Then it might be time to seek out a tropical destination like Beaches Turks and Caicos. Picture this: You step onto your airplane amid the snow and sleet, and you... Continue Reading →

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