Fifth day of Puppy!

To mark the Fifth day of Puppy as I count down to my puppy's first birthday, how about another haiku? 🙂 This photo was taken on my puppy's first night in our home. I slept with her on the floor so that she wouldn't miss her littermates and she would know that I was her new... Continue Reading →

Fourth day of Puppy!

For the Fourth day of Puppy, I give you a haiku: Sleepy Furball: A haiku by Shannon Germaine My sleepy puppy Loves to lay on the carpet She was sooo tiny!

Second day of Puppy!

To mark the second day of my 12 days of Puppy countdown to my girl's first birthday, I give you another haiku: Furry Blurry: A haiku by Shannon Germaine Epic selfie fail Pups don't sit still for photos Giant mouth monster  

12 Days of Puppy!

To kick off my 12 day countdown to my puppy's first birthday, here's my Puppy Haiku of the Day: First snow:  A haiku by Shannon Germaine Puppy snapping snow Each snowflake a frosty meal Dives into the drift  

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