Fundamentals of Oral Communication

For Fundamentals of Oral Communication at community college, I wrote and delivered four speeches and learned about public speaking through the textbook The Art Of Public Speaking by Steven E. Lucas.

The first speech assignment was an introduction speech in which you would describe an aspect of your life that has influenced you using a visual aid. For my introduction speech, I talked about how my phone camera enabled me to create films that help the environment. I talked about how I didn’t need a big, expensive camera to create award-winning documentaries: Plastic Crisis: Our Oceans In Peril, Not In My Backyard, and The Ripple. I was so proud when I received the feedback from the professor saying that she liked my speech so much, she wanted to use it as an example for future classes.

The second speech was an informative speech, and I wrote and delivered a speech about the history of Disney World which I found very interesting. The third was a persuasive speech and I chose to persuade my audience to believe that financial literacy is an important subject and should be required as a course in high school. The final speech was a commemorative speech: praising a person, thing, place, etc., and I chose to talk about how Greta Thunberg has helped the environment.

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