Film Production

For film production, I dived deeper into post-production and learned more about programs like Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro so that I could create an amazing documentary. I self-taught myself to edit this documentary by watching YouTube tutorials and using the Internet as my guide as I always have. I was able to figure out so much on my own using the Adobe Suite. I created a documentary that I think is my best ever: Code Red: The Clean Air Act’s Battle Against Climate Change. I’m so proud of it.

For this documentary I’m so grateful to have won First Prize for the One Earth Film Festival Young Filmmakers Contest, competing at the college-level against filmmakers up to the age of 25! I’m even more proud to say that I’m the youngest to ever have won this category!

I also won a $1500 prize from C-SPAN for the C-SPAN StudentCam documentary film contest.

I learned that I really like the technical part of documentary filmmaking the best. I don’t like the writing part nearly as much. I loved experimenting with all the cool tech things I learned in Adobe. It was so much fun, but also took many hours of hard work! I learned that it takes so much time to create just a split second of an effect, and therefore took months to write, film, edit, revise, and publish my documentary, all while keeping it six minutes or under.

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