English Academic Writing and Research I at community college

Grade: A

3 college credits

For English 101 at community college, I did worksheets, discussion forums, “free response journals” and essay assignments. I have read Fahrenheit 451 in the past which was an advantage for succeeding in this course since many of the assignments had to do with the book. Nevertheless, the course was still very challenging and I worked very hard to get a good grade. 

This class was 100% online due to COVID-19 and it was asynchronous , so I didn’t have to be “in class” at a specific time. There were no live classes, and there were no pre-recorded lectures.

I completed five discussion forums, five free response journals, a Diagnostic Writing Assignment, a Topic Sentence Worksheet, a Counter Argument Worksheet, a Reflection Essay, a Rhetorical Analysis Essay, a Position Essay and finally the major project of this course was the Research Essay on Fahrenheit 451.  This class taught me many essential writing skills.

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