Media Communications

Grade: A

Credits: 0.5

For Media Communications, I learned a lot about mass media and video production. I took a mass media course, and I took a zoom class on how to use Adobe Premiere Pro. Also, I watched a really useful course on Premiere Pro on YouTube. It was fantastic! I learned so much.

This new knowledge I obtained enabled me to create one of my micro-documentaries in Adobe Premiere Pro. In fact, this was the first time I have used Adobe Premiere Pro to create a micro-documentary: Not In My Backyard.

I also created another micro-documentary called The Ripple, and I learned how to use graphics from Premiere Pro for this one.

These documentaries were shared with the world on YouTube and with real filmmakers who judged them in filmmaking contests. I won two more contests off of these two additional documentaries I made for this class: grand prize for the Redford Center Stories Challenge, and Official Selection for the Planet 911 Youth FIlm Challenge. That’s in addition to the three contests I won for the documentary I made for my capstone project, called Plastic Crisis: Our Oceans in Peril. I participated in the Meet The Moment event for the Redford Center Stories Challenge. I was also interviewed by The Mike Novak Radio Show about my documentary Plastic Crisis: Our Oceans in Peril. I participated in the Global Giveback for Clonlara and did a PowerPoint presentation to over 100 people about my documentaries.

I learned that I really enjoy documentary filmmaking, especially editing, and became more skilled with Adobe Premiere Pro. I am more familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro than ever before and I have really enjoyed this course.

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