My homeschool space! (and some cool stuff to make your kids BRAINIACS!)

Welcome to my homeschool space! There’s a lot of vlogs out there that help you design a homeschool area, but they’re geared for little kids. Here’s my HIGH SCHOOL homeschool space, and the books and tools I find are essential for an awesome homeschool experience! (And for kicks, you can count how many times I say “awesome” in this video. Lol) All my links to the things I mention are below. They make great holiday and birthday gifts! Enjoy! PLEASE, PLEASE don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!

Snap Circuits Light

Snap Circuits Green

Totally Irresponsible Science

Perfectly Perilous Math

Echo Dot 3rd Gen – Sandstone

Echo Dot 3rd Gen – Heather Gray

Echo Dot 3rd Gen – Charcoal

A History Of US

History Year by Year

Squishy Human Body

3 Hole Punch

Ticonderoga Pencils

Pink Tape Dispensers

A ruler

Pink Stapler

Pencil Sharpener

Index cards

Light-up globe

Stomp Rockets, Catapults and Kaleidoscopes

The Elements by Theodore Gray

Brave, Not Perfect

Rad Women Worldwide

Fight Like A Girl… and Win

Women in Science

Deep Space

Solar System by Marcus Chown

A Brief History Of Time By Stephen Hawking

The Illustrated Man

Math Doesn’t Suck

Growing Money

Pride and Prejudice

The World Without Us

Amo, Amas, Amat and More

The Catcher In The Rye

Fahrenheit 451

Watership Down

730 Easy Science Experiments

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

The American Heritage Dictionary

Oxford American Writers Thesaurus

The Chicago Manual Of Style

USA Classic Elite Wall Map (laminated)

World Classic Elite Wall Map (laminated)

Sphero SPRK

The American Heritage Student Dictionary

The American Heritage Student Thesaurus

Multiplication Flashcards

Addition Flashcards

Subtraction Flashcards


For Hawaiʻi addicts, like me: Maui Revealed

Oʻahu Revealed

Hawaiʻi Revealed

So You Want To Live in Hawaiʻi

Captive Paradise

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Thanks for your support when you purchase through my links!

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