Grade: A 100%

As in previous years, I utilized Khan Academy for the entirety of my Geometry course. I can’t say enough great things about it!

The most wonderful aspect of Khan Academy is that there simply is no such thing as not getting an A because it is a mastery-based curriculum. If you don’t learn something and master it, it won’t let you move on to the next thing. So I walked away confident that I really understood it.

This is drastically different from curriculums offered in most schools. In those, you can be happy with, for example, a B as a grade – even though that B means that there are holes in your learning. There might have up to 20% of the course that you did not understand if your grade was 80%. Then, when you move forward to the next level of math, you won’t excel because you didn’t start the course with a solid foundation.

Sal Khan does an amazing TED Talk on this topic that I watched for my Speech class this year. I highly recommend watching it for yourself!

Khan Academy is not perfect. Sometimes I’d have questions that I simply couldn’t answer with the videos they offer. So that’s when I turned to two different online tutoring services with my questions.

The first one I used is Yup tutoring. I used this last year for Algebra with much success. For most of this year, I continued to value it even though it’s quite pricey. However, they went through a rubrik change this spring that changed my opinion of it completely.

In the end, I decided to end my subscription to Yup and start utilizing the FREE online tutoring option offered through my public library, BrainFuse. I absolutely love it, and for the price (FREE), it really can’t be beat.

In the end, I achieved a 100% score in Khan… the only score one can acheive if they just stick it out and never give up!

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