Video Production I

As a homeschooler who actively seeks out challenges, I take some pretty amazing elective courses. One I enjoyed this year was Video Production.

There were two aspects to my class and they were achieved concurrently. One was completing a Udemy course called The Complete Video Production Bootcamp. I loved this course because it’s about a topic of interest to me and gave me information and knowledge that I might not have been able to find on my own quite as easily. It delved into aspects of video production that I hadn’t even considered. Things like “budget” simply don’t pop into the mind of a fourteen-year-old vlogger who does production all on her own. But in time, when I expand my vlog and make bigger productions, this is definitely something I must consider.

It also covered things like equipment, software, and scriptwriting. The later part of the course covers how to get more views, likes, and subscribers on YouTube, which I found very helpful.

The second aspect of my class was taking my new knowledge and putting it into action. The videos that I was able to create were the true accountability factor in this course. As they say, “The proof is in the pudding!”

Throughout this course, I created fifteen vlogs.

To create these, I used iMovie; Werble for some fun special effects, combining them with, oddly enough, Bookbrush creations; and a teleprompter app.

All in all, I received an A for my work and my completion of the Udemy course.

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