Summaries of sources

Americans as Concerned as Ever About Global Warming: Secondary Source


The Gallup news article “Americans as Concerned as Ever About Global Warming” discusses how Americans’ views on global warming have changed throughout the years. The article states that viewpoints on global warming stayed about the same in 2017 and 2018, and that ⅔ of people are concerned about global warming. It provides some statistics and charts showing what people are most concerned about with global warming. As shown in a chart, younger people tend to care more about stopping global warming than older people. The chart also describes how political parties, level of education, genders, and races could also come into play.

Interpretation and Analysis:

This article continues to be relevant today, as the world keeps heating up. With ice caps and glaciers melting every second, and animals losing their environments due to a hotter climate, global warming is an important topic that may continue to affect our world for a long time. 

Franklin Roosevelt Infamy Speech: Pearl Harbor Transcript | Time: Primary Source


President Roosevelt’s “Day of Infamy” speech addresses the unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan. Roosevelt discusses how the United States was at peace with Japan and was talking with Japan’s government about how to continue the peace in the Pacific. But ironically Japan bombed Pearl Harbor an hour later. He exclaims that there were many deaths and that America will take drastic measures to improve the military’s defense system. At the end of his speech, he tells Congress his suggestion to declare war.

Interpretation and Analysis:

President Roosevelt’s speech continues to apply to today’s society. Unexpected terrorist attacks are still a worry in America, so it’s always important to protect our country.

Feedback from my teacher:

Well done Shannon! I think you did a great job on your summaries–they are very concise and cover a lot of information very clearly. Further, you did a wonderful job on your interpretations/analyses. I think you covered the assignment well this week and I look forward to seeing how you apply this to your research paper.

Grade: A

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