Annapolis: The Food, the Water, the Fun!

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May 11, 2020

Are you looking for an awe-inspiring destination to add to your bucket list?  Look no further than the city of Annapolis, Maryland.  This capital city is a very popular travel destination well known for a multitude of activities and adventures.  Not surprisingly, Annapolis gains a lot of tourist influx for its seafood cuisine at its many scrumptious restaurants – especially at those that offer the delectable and famed Maryland blue crab cakes.  As you enjoy your crab cake, you can kick back and relax at Annapolis’s astonishing, sparkling blue waters of the Chesapeake Bay.  Just turn your sights back to land, and you will discover that this charming city is even full of surprising historical places to visit.  Annapolis is an excellent travel destination because of its abundant dining options, water-based activities on the Chesapeake Bay, historical landmarks, and its significance as the home of the U.S. Naval Academy.

Without a doubt, people flock to Annapolis for the high-quality, diverse selection of cuisines in this city’s outstanding restaurants.  Annapolis is well-known for the local seafood, especially blue crab (Savor the Flavors).  Blue crabs are abundant in the Chesapeake Bay which borders much of this city.  Recently, the blue crab population thankfully grew because of cleaner habitats and limits on catching blue crabs (“Blue Crab Stock Healthy with above Average Abundance”).  According to the Blue Crab Winter Dredge Survey in 2019, the population of blue crabs was 594 million.  That is a major reason why you can find dishes featuring blue crab in just about any restaurant in Annapolis (2019 Blue Crab Winter Dredge Survey).  Nevertheless, there are several other cuisines for you to explore here, too.  They range from taco bars to gastropubs to innumerable waterfront options with postcard-perfect views (Savor the Flavors). My personal favorite is what you might want to grab for dessert – a scoop of ice cream from one of downtown Annapolis’s famed ice cream shops as you walk along the brick sidewalks and take in the sights of this bustling town.

A few of the most popular areas to eat include City Dock, Eastport, and Main Street.  City Dock boasts views of the boats crammed into the narrow inlet locals call Ego Alley, and it features an abundance of crab shacks, all-day breakfast restaurants, and classic American pubs.  History buffs will love that one of City Dock’s restaurants was established in the 1700s.  Eastport, with its more residential, laid-back feel, is known for its steakhouses, wineries, and seafood.  Eastport has a lot of art galleries as well if you are a fan of the arts and photography.  Main Street, with its kitschy tourist traps during the day and lively nightlife after the sun sets, offers Italian, Japanese, Irish, and French restaurants as well as sweet treats like cookies and ice cream.  City Dock, Eastport, and Main Street all have amazing dining options that can fill your vacation itinerary (Savor the Flavors).  However, that is not the only reason to go on a vacation to Annapolis. 

Does the sunshine sparkling on the Chesapeake Bay beckon you? Annapolis is filled with water activities for you to enjoy.  One option that often appeals to tourists is an Annapolis Harbour Sightseeing Cruise with Watermark Cruise Company or Classic Sail Charters.  Your eyes can feast on the sights from the viewpoint of a boat.  You can see the sweeping skyline of the United States Naval Academy and the iconic Chesapeake Bay Bridge which connects Annapolis to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Watermark offers public tours, and even private ones for those who want to splurge (Splashing Good Fun for the Family).  One of my favorite childhood memories is when I enjoyed the Pirate’s Adventures on the Chesapeake offered by Watermark. On this tour, the boat’s appearance is exactly like a pirate ship, and the kids hunt for treasure, don pirate bandanas and face paint, and even get to fire water cannons at another pirate who is caught red-handed, stealing our treasure.  A more tranquil option for water activities is to rent a kayak, paddleboard, or canoe (Splashing Good Fun for the Family).  Even for the non-adventurous, a simple walk along the shoreline or quiet respite on a bench looking out at the water is a water activity that anyone can enjoy. However, water activities are not the last item to add to your Annapolis itinerary. 

If walking back in time is more interesting to you than a walk along the shore, then Annapolis’s historic sites are sure to please. Most people are shocked to learn that four people who signed the famous Declaration of Independence lived in Annapolis (Annapolis History).  One of the most revered historic sites in Annapolis is the U.S. Naval Academy.  From 1845 to the present day, the U.S. Naval Academy has been training officers to protect our nation (Naval Academy).  Another must-see for any history buff is the Maryland State House.  The Maryland State House is the oldest state house in America that is still in legislative use.  It even served as the U.S. capitol for about a year before Washington D.C. was established (Maryland State House).  At the State House, be sure to see George Washington’s resignation from command of the Continental Army written in his own hand and permanently displayed here (Cook, Chase).  Yet the history of this city is not limited to the large, famed buildings.  It often astonishes people to learn that this city boasts the most eighteenth-century brick homes in all of the U.S. (Annapolis History).  Historic sites of Annapolis can enrich and elevate any vacation to-do list.  

With so much to see and do, Annapolis is a sure-fire hit for anyone seeking a vacation destination. There is a bounty of restaurants with varied cuisines to tantalize your taste buds, whether you choose local crab delicacies, a meal inspired by other cultures, or all-American fare. Annapolis’s waters will dazzle and draw you into numerous activities, filling your days with fun. Its rich history will transport you back to another time, making you appreciate all the generations before us.  With tasty eats, ample water activities, and plenty of historical glory, Annapolis is a splendid addition to anyone’s travel bucket list.


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