A paragraph about my favorite food

An assignment for College Prep Writing for High School

Macaroni and cheese, a delectable crowd-pleaser, has claimed the spot at the top of my favorites list. This easy-to-make dish does not require many ingredients or time-consuming preparation. I also enjoy adding toppings to it, including breadcrumbs, various seasonings, or even fried tofu. Being a well-known classic food that is popular in many restaurants around the world, I never have a hard time finding it when I travel. Oozing with creamy goodness, macaroni and cheese always makes my tastebuds explode.

Teacher feedback:

“Well done Shannon! This is a great paragraph on your favorite food, which was an excellent choice, might I add! I think you did a great job describing the dish and I see no spelling or grammar errors. Well done!”

Grade: A

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