A Descriptive Paragraph about the Big Island of Hawai’i Using All Five Senses

An assignment for College Prep Writing for High School

The marvelous Big Island of Hawaiʻi is one of my favorite destinations in the whole world.  I have traveled there twice, and I love vacationing there.  Even though I have flown to Oʻahu and Maui, I think the Big Island is superior because of all its amazing delights.  Dazzling me from my first sight of them, Hawaiʻi’s waterfalls are eye candy for my soul.  Volcanoes roar and ooze with lava.  The calming rhythm of waves and the salty sea spray on my tongue soothes me.  The feel of the golden, pillow-soft sand at Mauna Kea Beach or the hot black sand at Punaluʻu Beach is tantalizing under my feet.  Beautiful, fragrant plumeria blooms tickle my nose as I stroll along winding paths.  Considering all of the epic sights to see and the relaxing beaches it offers, I cannot wait to take a vacation to the Big Island of Hawaiʻi again.

Feedback from teacher:

“Wonderful work Shannon! You did a great job describing why you love this place so much. I felt like I was right there on vacation with you! I see no spelling or grammar errors and think you wrote an excellent description. Well done!”

Grade: A

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