Immerse Yourself in History… With a Book

            Ready to delve into a new world of edge-of-your-seat excitement and thrilling adventures? Would you believe that you can learn history at the same time?

            Reading historical fiction is a great was to fuse fun and learning. When you read a book like Girl in The Blue Coat by Monica Hesse, a story set in the midst of World War II, you feel like you are actually there,tackling important lessons of history without falling asleep or just deciding to give up on learning about our past.

            Girl in The Blue Coat takes place in the year 1943 in the city of Amsterdam during World War II. Filled with risky endeavors, spy work against the Nazis, and love in a perilous time, this book intricately describes how frightening it was to live during the second World War and to be terrorized by Nazis in every single waking moment.

            The book’s main character is Hanneke, who does the illegal work of selling black market goods to families who need basic supplies that people couldn’t get easily during the war. But one day, a customer asks her for a favor – to locate a missing Jewish girl by the name of Mirjam Roodvelt. Hanneke reluctantly agrees to her request, which leads her into the depths of a thrilling maze of mysteries where the answers lie within, and where imprisonment, death, and torture can happen at any second.

            I give this book five enthusiastic stars. I especially recommend it for those who are interested in thrill reads, historical fiction, and World War II. This book is an excellent example of how history lessons don’t have to be about just memorizing dates and names. Instead history is an incredible, ongoing story of which we are a part of even now.

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