Art is everywhere. Art isn’t just found in paintings. It’s found in nature from the lush rainforests and towering waterfalls in Hawai’i to the dry and windy deserts in Africa. Even in psychology it’s discovered deep inside the way we speak and the anatomy of our brains and that feeling of a sudden surge evoking with a gush of adrenaline. Art also plays a strong role in historical landmarks and relics, sculptures, and ancient Giza pyramids.  

Lines, color, and shapes of art tell a story. Your story. My story. Our story.

One can say that the amount of skill the artist has doesn’t determine how worthy their piece is. That art is more about expression than aptitude. And I think that may be kind of true.

Art always seems to be a class that homeschoolers love (even the ones who lack that artsy touch). There are an abundance of classes that are available in our area, and frankly, they are a great way to stay socialized and learn in a classroom setting, while also checking something off our list of required credits.

For me, I don’t find myself creating art, unless one considers the written word as an art form (which I do!) or creating a video production as a piece of art (which I also think is art… and I’m sure George Lucas and Steven Spielberg would agree!).

But I did enjoy all the art classes that I took which comprised this credit. They included a pottery course where I actually got to use a pottery wheel (so satisfying), an art course where I used many different mediums including painting (so messy), a sewing class where I learned for the first time how to use both a machine and a basic needle-and-thread approach (so painful… actually I’m kidding. I didn’t even get stuck once.) I also did a class where I got to use tools to create an electric guitar out of a cigar box. I can’t tell you how much fun it is to wield a saw!

Lastly, I took a 3D design course so that I could learn another way of putting design skills into action. For this course, I designed a special iPhone holder that would hold my phone at a 90 degree angle both horizontally and vertically so that it would help me when I am doing my vlogs.

I received an A for this credit, based upon feedback from my instructors (which honestly I think is more based on my effort and attitude than my innate talent for it).

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