A Partnership for the Dolphins… and an Ocean Home They Deserve!

Will you help me? Please go right now to my change.org petition and watch my video that tells you about my idea that will change how captive dolphins are treated and finally put them back in the ocean!

I recently went to the National Aquarium in Baltimore and had a wonderful visit up to the point where I went to their dolphin exhibit. After I came home, I reached out to them to ask them why they continue to keep dolphins in captivity.

Dolphins in captivity is a real hot button issue, I know. But the trickiest part is that most of the dolphins that you see in these captive settings were born in captivity and simply would not be able to fend for themselves in the wild now. 
That’s when I saw something on their website that changed everything for me. The Baltimore National Aquarium is trying to build a dolphin sanctuary – one that’s actually in the ocean so that the dolphins can live out their lives in a sanctuary setting rather than in what’s essentially a great big pool. 
I did a little more research and found out that they were hoping to be moving the dolphins by 2020. But here it is 2020, and there hasn’t been any movement yet. Just a lot of research. They’re running into problems because it’s extremely difficult to build a dolphin sanctuary because you need a good location for it. And also because of global warming and the increase in intensity of tropical storms. They don’t want to build a ocean sanctuary that might be dangerous for the dolphins in the event of an extreme storm. 
So it looks like the National Aquarium is kind of in a holding pattern on this because they need two REALLY big things before the dolphins can be moved. First off, they need MONEY and a LOT of it. And the second thing is a LOCATION, someplace where it’s warm and the dolphins can be in warm enough water throughout the year… which, of course, generally means in the Caribbean, which is, of course, SO prone to hurricanes and tropical storms.
So I started trying to think of a solution and I came up with something that I think could really solve everything for not just their dolphins but other dolphins in captivity. 
The Baltimore National Aquarium needs a partner and I have just the partner for them.

DISNEY! Because Disney already has a place for them in the Caribbean where they put a TON of money and already have a VESTED INTEREST. It’s their private island called Castaway Cay. And it’s gorgeous — and you know it’s been hit by tropical storms and even hurricanes, I’m sure.

But as soon as it gets hit – MAN, those Disney people come in there and they clean it up so fast, and it’s back in working order quicker than ANYTHING!
And I think that Disney gets a lot of flak on the issue of dolphins, too, because they actually keep dolphins in captivity at Epcot and there are TONS of petitions pressuring them to stop this, and they get so much negative press over it.

Disney started the whole dolphin thing at Epcot back in the 80s when people just didn’t know better. So now, Disney has these dolphins that can’t go anywhere either because they’ve been raised in captivity. 
So if Disney partnered with the National Aquarium and TOGETHER built a dolphin sanctuary at Castaway Cay it would be a HUUUGE draw for people. People would want to see these dolphins in this beautiful sanctuary setting. And let me make it really clear, too: I don’t want any kind of interactive experiences with the dolphins. I think those dolphins should just be fed and allowed to play and nobody should be paying a ton of money to swim with them in the dolphin sanctuary setting.

But I think there would be enough people who would be very content just lying on a beach and watching their little fins pop out from the ocean all the time at Castaway Cay. And I think that Disney would benefit from all the great press they’d get from teaming up with the National Aquarium to make the FIRST EVER honest-to-goodness Dolphin Ocean Sanctuary in the world!
And… Disney is the absolute BEST at marketing these things to people. They could find a way to make that dolphin sanctuary pay for itself over time. And let’s face it, when things pay for themselves, you don’t have to worry about taking care of those dolphins and giving them all that they need. And a really amazing dolphin sanctuary – that’s gonna take a lot of money. 
So that’s my idea: A partnership between Disney and the National Aquarium to really do something that has never been done before and to do it right. 
I’ve started this online petition that I’m hoping you’ll sign to send both Disney and the National Aquarium a message that they should look into a partnership and together build a real, true dolphin sanctuary where dolphins can swim and play and live in peace. 
SO PLEASE, sign my petition, and help a kid out by SHARING MY PETITION WITH YOUR FRIENDS. Let’s send the message that they can get this job done together. THANK YOU.

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