Music – Performing Arts (Musical Performance B)

Grade: A 100%

For my summer semester, I took a continuation of Musical Performance, which in my old school would have been listed as Musical Performance B. However, since I switched schools and now attend Clonlara School, the class at this level is called “Music – Performing Arts.”

Similar to the class I took at Christa McAuliffe School of Arts and Sciences, this elective requires logging ninety hours of musical performance coursework.

Like before, I took another session of School of Rock. This time, since I was the lead singer and the lead guitarist, I was able to publish the concert performances on my YouTube channel. With such a large band last time, I didn’t feel comfortable posting the images of kids like me. But with this smaller band, my parents were able to zoom in on me and get permission from the other parents of kids who might have slipped into the shot.

It was an incredible experience – the first time I sang on stage – and I will never forget it. I was also able to improve my skills in multi-tasking; singing and playing guitar at the same time is more challenging than I had anticipated, but deeply gratifying.

For bonus work, I posted a parody on my YouTube channel that mixed a little current events into my music curriculum. Check it out here – and please, please subscribe (because I do love that little dose of dopamine I get from my brain when I see I’ve gained a subscriber)!

I also have marched ahead with my music pursuits and began working on songs that I can sing for open mic nights. I look forward to continuing my music studies with School of Rock in the fall!

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  1. Hope you keep on rocking with your music! Music is great for the brain and remembering life experiences.


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