Honors ASL

Grade: A 99%

For Honors ASL at my online school, Christa McAuliffe School of Arts and Sciences (CMASAS), I used signingonline.com.

Signing Online is an online program that offers many different levels of American Sign Language. This program includes videos, how-tos, quizzes, and tests to help ensure one can learn thoroughly and be adequately tested. Every unit has at least one test which includes fluent speakers having conversations that the student has to translate. As CMASAS describes this course in their course catalog:

“American Sign Language I will introduce students to
vocabulary and simple sentences, so that they can start
communicating right away. Importantly, students will
explore Deaf culture – social beliefs, traditions, history,
values and communities influenced by deafness.
Students will also learn grammatical structures and
explore interesting topics like Deaf education and Deaf
arts and culture…”

The Honors version of this class through CMASAS includes additional projects to further advance the student’s knowledge of ASL and its culture.

My projects included an interview with a member of the deaf community, as well as the creation of a “Culture Exam” and answer key which could be used for future students.

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