My Goslingeal blog entry

For English class last year, I had to make up 10 new words with suffixes, prefixes, and roots derived from a list of Latin and Greek roots. Honestly, I’m not sure exactly what they were trying to teach us in this assignment. But I gave it a shot, and I made up some pretty funny words, so I decided to share it with the world, hoping maybe one of them might catch on and end up in the dictionaries of tomorrow!

Androeligereacusis: the condition in which male forms of species selectively hear only the things they want to hear, a condition common in dads. For example, phrases such as “Stop playing your iPad” and “Time to mow the grass” cannot be heard at a shout, while “Pizza’s here” and “Commercial’s over” can be heard at a whisper; andro = pertaining to man; eligere = select; acusis = hearing

Goslingeal: anything pertaining to Ryan Gosling; eal = pertaining to

Erythrotweenturpe: redness acquired on a tween’s cheeks when she/he is embarrassed by her/his parents in front of her/his peers; erythro = redness; turpe = shame

Cryptoliber: diary; crypto = secret; liber = book

Tweenanxietatem: tween anxiety; anxietatem = anxiety 

Siblingsexosus: hating siblings; exosus = hateful

Sapidumcibus: tasty food; sapidum = tasty; cibus = food

Caritastextingnoti: the love of texting friends; caritas = love of; noti = friends

Materscelerisqueproclivitas: a severe condition in which mothers eat chocolate whenever it is smelled or seen; mater = mother; scelerisque = chocolate; proclivitas = addiction 

Caritasaureumretriever: the love of golden retrievers; caritas = love of; aureum retriever = golden retriever

Got any favorites?

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