Save the Endangered Orange-and-Brown Helicopter! Please sign my petition.

Help me pressure CBS to renew the Magnum P.I. reboot by clicking here now. It’s a great new spin on a classic that NEEDS MORE TIME to find its audience!

“I know what you’re thinking.”

This classic Magnum P.I. quote certainly applies right now. Because I really do know what you’re thinking: There are more important petitions to sign in the world than the one I’m asking you to sign right now. And you’re right!

But read on, PLEASE, and let me make my case.

I don’t get to watch a lot of TV shows these days because most of them have too much explicit sex, violence, and upsetting cliffhangers that’ll end up keeping me awake all night. I mean, who needs that stuff? 

But then my generation got a new show from CBS this year, Magnum P.I.

I never would have even gotten the chance to watch this except that Mom and Dad thought it would be a laughingstock. Who remakes a classic from their childhoods like Magnum P.I.? And making Higgins a woman? LMAO!

So they DVRed the first episode because we all needed a good laugh.

But then we were hooked. 

Mom said she wanted to hate it so badly… and the exact same thing was said by her friend at Thanksgiving dinner. But they loved it. And I’m betting there are lots of other people in their generation who haven’t yet discovered how fun it is!

But that’s not just why CBS should renew Magnum P.I.

It’s because of me and kids like me. We need shows like this — shows that are just the right amount of scary. Not too little, but not too much. Shows that have a little bit of romance, but not too much. Shows that have super, super cute and sweet heroes who are also nice to kids. 

We need respectful and funny heroes. 

We need women like Higgins — powerful, strong women who know jujitsu moves to beat the bad guys. We need thrilling car chases and shoot-outs that will keep our parents satisfied, but won’t scar kids for life.

We need to think that veterans like Magnum and his friends get to drive AMAZING red hot Ferraris after they leave the military. 

We need to see the beauty of Hawai‘i because most of us don’t get to live there. 

Most importantly, we have to be able to see the AWESOME orange-and-brown Magnum P.I. helicopter. It’s an American icon. Don’t take that away from us!

CBS should renew Magnum P.I. and give my generation the heroes we need so that we can grow to be heroes ourselves!

Please sign my petition on by clicking RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. And be sure to look at the other petitions on that site because they are really important, too.

Thank you.

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