It’s A Christmas Story’s 35th Anniversary!

Yesterday was an important day in American history. Thirty-five years ago, the movie A Christmas Story was released. I can’t believe I let that slip by without marking the occasion until now!

In my house, it’s not Christmas until we watch A Christmas Story at least 17 times and put up our leg lamp in all its glory. My dad got it for his 40th birthday as a gift from my mom and my mom has regretted it ever since.

I still love this timeless movie even though it’s been surpassed by Elf in recent years as my favorite. We still watch it a lot, though. A Christmas Story has gotten a bit tiring in my household only because my dad plays it over and over on Christmas. I’ll admit, I struggle to relate to the movie – I’d never ask for a BB gun (though if Mom is reading this, an iPhone XS is a much better gift) and I’ve never eaten meatloaf. But it still cracks me up to watch Randy eat it “the way piggies do.”

And try to tell me that Darth Vader or any Hollywood villain was EVER scarier that Scut Farkus. Seriously – he deserved an Academy Award for that performance!

So I still enjoy watching it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over…

…Dad, can we please watch Elf now?

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