Ice Cream… and help a kid blogger!

Ice cream. 

Something that has NOTHING to do with what I’m blogging about today. But everyone loves ice cream, and I’m hoping you’ll be drawn into my urgent plea:

Please buy something from one of my Amazon links below.

I got this blog thinking it would be so cool to be an “Amazon Associate.” It’s this program where I put in links to some of the things I love on Amazon and if people click on the link and purchase the product, Amazon actually pays me a few cents! 

Sure, it’s just a few cents. But I’m 12. A few cents here and there, invested well, can really add up over the years. And now that I’ve learned about compounding interest… well, the potential seems life-changing!

But I haven’t gotten them ANY sales yet, and if I don’t in just a few more days, my Associates account will EXPIRE.

I’m hoping you will help. 

I’ve thrown together a list of some of my favorite things I’ve gotten on Amazon. If you’ve ever wondered what a 12-year-old high school freshman who wants to be a Japanese translating computer scientist rock star has on or near her desk, well, here’s your chance to find out!

My Forty-Something Most Incredible Things to Get on Amazon:

Lindt chocolate: You knew I had to open this with chocolate, right? Stracciatella White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, or Milk Chocolate. Does it matter? No. It’s Lindt. It’s aways good.

A History of US by Joy Hakim: Essential encyclopedia that reads more like a really long story. I love history, and love the way it makes me look very smart to have this on my bookshelf. Haha! 

Sphero SPRK+ Educational Robot. This is super cool and, programmed well, you can really terrorize your pets with it. Not that I’d do that, of course. 

Snap Circuits Light

Hexbugs – Stick one under a cup when Grandma is visiting and watch what happens!

Flashmaster – This is a great tool for learning math that doesn’t have all the distractions of apps that are on phones and tablets.

Marble Works


Legos – Just don’t step on them. It’s murder.

Perfectly Perilous Math

Totally Irresponsible Science

Cosmos by Carl Sagan – Timeless. Seriously.

Liberty’s Kids – I’ve outgrown this a bit, but loved it so much I can’t part with it. I mean, it has Walter Cronkite. That’s enough for me.

The History of the World in Two Hours

Growing Money – my favorite book when I was six 

Time Timer

1000 Most Important Words

The Highly Selective Thesaurus for the Extraordinarily Literate

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens (Even though I’m not a teen yet… I like to prepare myself.)


Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division flashcards. All four sets. Yes, I’ve outgrown them, but you can build some great card towers with them.

Jacks – Yes. I have Jacks. Got a problem with that?

Perfection – Sorry, but there is no thrill that an app can offer that compares to that POP when all your pieces fly out.

Battleship – Because sometimes the power goes out and your phone isn’t charged, but you just want to play a game.

American Heritage Dictionary. Because Mom doesn’t want me to think a dictionary is just an app.

A Thesaurus – See above!

Stephen Hawking’s The Universe in a Nutshell

Amo, Amas, Amat and More… because pulling out a Latin phrase here and there can impress anyone.

Hypotrochoid art set

Royal and Langnickel Pink Art Set. It’s pink which makes it that much better than other art sets.

Coloring books: Sometimes a kid just has to color. Birds to ColorLost Ocean, and Coloring for Creativity are a few of my favorites.


AmScope Compound microscope

The Wonders Inside the Human Body – Funny story about this book. I bought it back when I was going to brick-and-mortar school. I was on my kindergarten field trip at the gift shop in a Science Center. On the way back, on the bus, apparently I was reading all about the reproductive system. The teacher did not approve. 

5,000 Awesome Facts – Great when I was younger. Still great today!

Rad Women Worldwide

A globe! I could stare at this thing all day.

United States Map and World Map: Mom and I mounted them on foam core so I can fold and store them easily. So much better than when they were rolled up! 

DK Travel Guide Hawai’i Guide – because… Hawai’i.

Toysmith Wooden Catch ball – A simple pleasure

Wait… you don’t see anything here you are aching to buy with my all-important Associates links?

Don’t let me down! How about a $15 Amazon Gift Card that you can use for whatever you want?

I only need three sales to stay an Associate. THREE. Such a small number. 

Will you help? Please forward all over the place! Thanks a million!

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